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AHConferences - отраслевые, профессиональные и IT конференции AHConferences - отраслевые, профессиональные и IT конференции AHConferences - отраслевые, профессиональные и IT конференции

About Us

Since 2002, AHConferences has been a leading player in the Eastern European conference sector, covering a wide sphere of knowledge and skills.

AHConferences works with a comprehensive list of industry leaders, presenting unique opportunities for growth through professional forums. Creating business ideas and innovative strategies, establishing partnerships and personal interaction - these have become integral components of the events held by AHConferences.

After successfully producing many professional and industry-specific events, AHConferences has become a market leader in areas such as business strategy, insurance, banking and financial services, logistics, HR, commercial real estate, telecommunications and IT. Most conferences are repeated annually in order to fully meet the demand for professional communities where colleagues can exchange information, experience and contacts. AHConferences provides an opportunity for its attendees to meet with representatives of state governance bodies, legislators, leading newsmakers, analysts and top specialists. AHConferences offers current information about economic development trends, effective commercial strategies and promising innovations. Hundreds of companies have already rated AHConferences’ events as the best forum for professional communication and the promotion of business ideas at top levels of management. The content of AHConferences' events has earned high ratings from leading experts in various sectors of the economy. AHConferences offers a full spectrum of participation options, including conference documentation, delegate or speaker packages as well as partnership and sponsorship opportunities.