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We invite people who are business-like and energetic with serious potential to interview with us. It will be an interesting and useful process for you. You will meet people who ensure the company's leadership on the market each day, people who are active, energetic and love their jobs. Each of our employees makes a contribution to the overall success and shares in it.

Your progress in the company will be individual. You can develop your experience in a single sphere, or you may try to realize your potential in a variety projects. All the chances and opportunities will be evaluated, because your personal development is the development of the whole company, the growth of ambitions and realization of potential.

Your reward will be a competitive salary, a benefit package, guarantees of social security and a comfortable work environment.

Your resume should contain information about your salary expectations, detailed contact information and a convenient time for us to reach you. Please send your resume by e-mail to [email protected] or fax it to +7 (495) 790-7815. You will receive a response within three business days.

The recruitment process includes a preliminary telephone conversation, an initial meeting and a second interview. You will learn about our working system, your colleagues and the leadership, which will help you make a decision about us, and help us evaluate your potential.